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Find out what I discovered after testing every major traffic strategy out there over the last 15 years...
Dear fellow business owner,
One of the greatest list building, and lead generating strategies out there is a mystery for many business owners - especially those who need it the most…
It's a unique way to build a huge audience of raving fans - a rarely advertised marketing opportunity - one so good it could make traditional list building and paid advertising campaigns a thing of the past.
That’s because this overlooked strategy enables ordinary businesses to rake in huge sums of leads - 10,000… 30,000… even 50,000 leads or more with little to zero advertising cost.
Sounds too good to be true, right?
It’s NOT.
Let’s take Brad & Kenia Costanzo’s case study, for example…





Back in the mid-2010s, this San Diego, CA couple were struggling to produce enough leads to operate their new business profitably.

"We didn’t have a solid lead generation strategy in place for our new coffee brand Stiletto Coffee. I was relying on outdated lead strategies that just weren't cutting it anymore."

Brad costanzo
Costanzo Marketing Group
The challenge was to gain a distinctive position in the mind of target consumers.
Considering the fact that 70% of people in the United States alone are coffee drinkers and already have their own favorite brands...
He wanted to grow his leads so they would be able to generate massive sales in the near future.
That’s when he found out about my little viral marketing “experiment”.
Which is actually based on the exact same traffic strategy used by fortune 500 companies like Uber, Paypal, Amazon, and AirBnB.
The same strategy that helped the Costanzo’s collect well over 3,000 leads…
And that was just in the first few weeks of the experiment!
Even better he’s growing their subscriber base 4-5 times faster than they would have with traditional list building methods (or pretty much any other list building option out there).
And in case it’s not clear… YES, these are highly responsive leads that they can easily transition into paying customers.
Of course the Costanzo’s aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this amazing opportunity:


Kenneth Parsons
Ecom Leads
26 year old Kenneth Parsons of Salem, OR amassed over 8,147 leads for his ecommerce business thanks to this “viral marketing” strategy.


Ryan Williams
Insurance Leads
Ryan Williams of East Hartford, started using my system after nearly losing his business from lack of quality leads. In just a few short weeks he was able to generate over 11k qualified insurance leads for his business.


Troy Muir
New Business Leads
Troy Muir collected more than 200,000+ leads for his brand new business using my strategy.

If this strategy works so well, why so few people talk about it…
Well, the answer is, even though this same strategy is used and supported by many of the world’s biggest corporations, the insiders and marketing gurus don’t want others to fully grasp the powers of this unique “viral marketing” campaign (I’ll explain why in a minute).
So most people have no clue it even exists...
While the Guru’s and bigwigs have done their best to keep this unique lead generation opportunity under wraps, it hasn’t been able to stop some in-the-know marketers and advertisers from learning the details and reaping the benefits.

"We used this to promote our congress (local event) and the results were... shocking. We got more than 9000 leads in two weeks!"



"[Viral Challenge] has proven to be the most simple, effective and affordable lead generation strategy we were looking for. It helped us build a responsive 30,000+ list in a new market in less than six months."


Russel Brunson, the CEO and marketing genius behind Clickfunnels™ used my system to generate red-hot leads for his software business!

"This is insane... 27k leads in 2 days... and to be honest I didn't believe something like this could happen... My clients are going crazy!"


I created this challenge to tell small business owners everything they need to know about this special “Viral Marketing Strategy” because quite frankly, it’s unlikely most business owners will hear about it anywhere else.
On this page, I’ll show how to get started if I had to start all over again…
Plus I’ll reveal the full story of how…

An Ecom Store Owner Generated 114,585 Leads In Record Time!

Hey - it’s Wilco de Kreij here.

It’s not hard to see why this unique “viral marketing” opportunity could help other and outdated list building and lead generation techniques obsolete…

Just listen to the story of a man named Matthew Longley and it’ll become clear…
Despite working on his business for years, Matthew’s lead flow only increased by about 12%. In short, his approach to lead generation looked bleak.
But Matthew Longley knew something that most people didn’t…
Watch the video below for the full story of how he stumbled upon a marketing strategy of a lifetime.
Matthew Longley was able to collect over 114k high converting leads and traffic thanks to his discovery of my secret strategy.
The question is…
Can “Viral Marketing” help other small business owners like it did Matthew Longley?
That’s what I set out to answer about this rarely advertised marketing opportunity.
What I uncovered might come as a bit of surprise...
A Rare Glimpse Inside
“Viral Marketing Campaigns”
For more than a decade I’ve tested virtually every traffic strategy out there to grow my business - and only ONE is my all-time favorite…
Problem is, not many people know how to implement it.  
This overlooked strategy taps directly into human psychology to bypass all other forms of advertising.
Today, I’ll show how to unlock this unique lead generation system to produce new & qualified leads and customers for almost any business out there.
But here’s the thing…
Most businesses are completely stuck in the past, using old outdated marketing methods. They are used to using “traditional” ways to generate leads.
That’s because they don’t fully understand or know how to implement what I’m about to show here today.
This Simple “Experiment” Skyrocketed My Email List
First, let me make a confession: My website had a unique skill…
Every time I got 1 visitor to my website, I was able to generate 2... 4... and in some cases even more email subscribers.
At the end of my experiement, 416 visitors resulted in over 16,000 targeted email subscribers.
Meaning that every time you generate a visitor, you actually get two… that 2 turns into 4…
As my experiment showed, 416 visitors resulted in over 16,000 targeted email subscribers.
But that's not all: This weirdly-thrown together experiment was so big, that I attracted other people around me who wanted to use my secret to boost their lead generation efforts, too.
I thought to myself...
Was I really onto something here?
Something that let me stop tediously obsessing over my optin rates? Or was I just some kind of “one hit wonder” and this only worked for me? So, I started testing this on some of my friends and client offers.
And even to my surprise...
It Worked Even Better For These Other Businesses
As an online entrepreneur I had to change the way I generated my traffic. No more putting control in the hands of an outside 3rd party. No more being dependent on a single platform.
That’s when I started looking at Viral Marketing...
The more I researched this concept the more I realized that this was the very best way to generate free quality traffic online. Not only is it the most profitable, I learned that 92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations above all other forms of advertising.
Think about it for a minute: When a trusted person recommends a product or service, people are more likely to buy it.
So I decided to try an “experiment” on a new product to see if I could leverage viral marketing and drive traffic using it.
The end result was like opening the floodgates...
My colleagues started calling me “Leadflow Wilco”.
And, other small businesses started seeking me out to help them after they had tried everything too. Anyway, my special lead generation method is based on a couple of things:
An opt-in page - a page where people enter their name & email address to get access to a freebie.
Nothing special so far.
But, instead of saying “Thanks! Go check your email inbox” I did something a little bit different.
I offered them another freebie that they would get… IF they would invite their friends as well.
And just clicking the “share” button wasn’t enough…They had to get at least 3 of their friends to actually join my email list to automatically unlock their reward.
As soon as it went live, people started sharing EVERYWHERE!
On Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…
And then THOSE people joined, and they shared it as well - and from there it just kept on going like a “Viral Loop”.
Since then I’ve been using this over and over to build my list.
The reason why this works so well is because every lead gets their own unique invite link that keeps track of how many friends sign up.
It's something I learned from Dropbox - because they used this EXACT same strategy to get over 4 million users in just 15 months.
And even Tim Ferris from the 4-hour workweek wrote about how Harry’s collected over 100,000+ leads in just 7-days using this same exact strategy.
As a matter of fact, most of the people I’ve shown it to…

Have Actually Accused Me Of This Being “Too Easy!”

Here’s the truth…
You’ve been led to believe you either run paid ads… which is getting harder and more expensive every month…
OR you rely on free traffic strategies like SEO or content marketing - which takes a long time to get traction.
It’s not your fault. Every guru under the sun is preaching you should only do these things (after you buy their course or info product or training on it of course).
I do want to stress that you CAN use this strategy with paid advertising or any other traffic strategy though...
And when you do it’s like adding jet fuel to the fire!
So if you’re running ads into an opt-in page, then this “viral hack” will make sure you get MORE leads from the same amount of paid traffic.
The REAL problem is, you’re putting yourself at major risk of being dependent on these platforms.
My business has gone back to zero multiple times because my ad account got shut down and my search engine rankings dropped overnight… which is NOT something you want to experience.
Anyway, here's what this all means:
That’s when I knew I was onto something...
I searched high and low for something that would make it easy to create this “viral loop” effect for small business owners…
And I came up empty-handed.And I came up empty-handed.
So my team and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work building a platform that could handle every aspect of the whole process. To create a successful viral referral marketing campaign from start to finish…
And I call it UpViral!
The ultimate viral marketing system. Any business owner or marketer can easily run ANY type of viral marketing campaign which helps them build an army of people wanting to promote their site!
UpViral takes the complexity of running a high-level viral campaign and makes it so easy, almost anyone could have one up, running, and pulling leads in as little as 10 minutes.
Here’s just a few examples of some businesses using Upviral to build successful viral campaigns to crush it online…


subscribers and €16,320 in sales!

“We spent a little less than €200 on ads. UpViral Rocks!”


"Upviral Has Easily Paid For Itself!"

"Before buying UpViral, I didn’t know what to expect, too many marketers promise big and under-deliver. I purchased UpViral and tried it out. UpViral has easily paid for itself. If I compare its results to what I would have had to pay on Facebook to get those same leads! Definitely a good investment."

United Kingdom

"I HAVE To Tell You How Impressed I Am!"

"After one of your videos I decided to give it a try. The results? Well, 10 minutes after publishing the link at Facebook, I received 20 new leads. Now, I have got 718 leads with ONE campaign! Wow!! THANK YOU!"


"Viral Referral Marketing At Its Best!"

Thanks to Wilco, even guys like me can start building huge lists!

United Kingdom

For years, I refused to reveal exactly how I was able to do all this in detail. I feel like there is a lot more value in me keeping my secret than having to share them with anyone.
Until now...
And I’ve conveniently packaged up my system into an easy to follow daily “challenge” which I’m offering for sale today here on this page.
“Viral Challenge”
Today, I’m offering my special Viral Challenge to the world.
The easy to follow strategy that's specially designed for hyper lead generation and list building.
This is every ounce of what used to be “private access” for those I personally worked with.
The best part about the challenge… It's so easy to do, it has my special strategy inside, with none of the problems that traditional list building has.
As great as that may sound… The reality is that there are still tons of businesses that aren’t taking advantage yet.
They either don’t know about it, think it doesn’t work for their business, or don’t know how to best implement it quickly.

That’s why I’m inviting a small group of people to join the 30-day Viral Challenge...

during which we’re going to create a lead generating machine together for your business.
Over the last 5 years I’ve learned how to execute this strategy effectively across many different industries. Best practices, templates and pitfalls to avoid.
So, I sat down and decided to do something about it. I spent hours planning, plotting, researching, and creating video footage. Months, and months writing detailed manuals, not to mention testing it all to make sure that ANYONE could use it, and after a ton of hard work.
And that’s when...
Was Born
The Challenge is a simple, complete, step-by-step system that ties it all together and shows business owners and marketers exactly how to optimize their lead generation to get the results they want.
For anyone joining the challenge, we’ll offer the help & guidance to create their first (or next) viral list building campaign…
Here’s the rare opportunity to get access to my exact strategies today!
I worked hard to design this from the ground up so it would be simple to do for just about anyone. All it takes is following step-by-step instructions...
Now, I get it… There are thousands of ‘list building programs’ out there so why another one?
Let me show you exactly why…
  • What MOST people get wrong about lead generations is it’s not JUST about the right landing page or lead magnet.
  • Mindset: What’s going on in a business owner’s head plays a HUGE role in whether they’re going to achieve their goals.
  • And, if they’re not setting up lead gen campaigns properly, their leads just won’t respond to all the follow up on the backend.
  • A lot of people learn this the hard way. They spend hours building a landing page, and create an in-depth lead magnet or ethical bribe… But they’re still not getting any “quality” leads…
  • Most spend more time creating a “cool” giveaway that they “think” their prospects will love, but it’s actually sabotaging themselves along the way…
Most spend more time creating a “cool” giveaway that they “think” their prospects will love, but it’s actually sabotaging themselves along the way…
And then they don’t know why they’re not getting any leads or results.
Look, I get multiple people asking me to coach them INDIVIDUALLY each and every week because I know what it takes to optimize their lead campaigns and turn them into a well-oiled machine.
But now, there’s an easier way to get all that training and knowledge from me…

“UpViral is a wonderful tool that enables you to reach the skies of online marketing. The results are amazing, the dashboard is user-friendly and the support is super helpful!

The Netherlands


“Only a couple of days left with our promo and we’ve now tipped over 208,000 subscribers using UpViral! Thanks again – your app has launched my business and possibly changed my life!”


Could THIS Be The Easiest Way To

Have A Top-Notch Funnel, Generate Easy Viral Traffic, & Get The Best Quality FREE Leads...

Before I get to exactly what’s inside the Viral Challenge, I want to share that I’ve lined up a few freebies for business owners who want to double or triple their growth. So keep reading all the way!
Here’s what you’ll get inside the Challenge:
An in-depth professionally produced 30 day class that will show every step in the process of building the best lead generation machine, including:
  • Special 30-day video training that reveals what to do each step of the way without any overwhelm.
  • Access to a private community with like-minded entrepreneurs who are implementing this challenge at the same time, holding each other accountable to get the results they want.
  • And because every business is different… Every situation is different… my team and I are going to offer 30-days of coaching where we answer questions and give feedback
  • Plus, we’ll be holding weekly live group calls and Q&A sessions to remove any roadblocks on designing and implementing lucrative viral marketing campaigns.
And to make the process even easier for anyone joining us…
I’m also including this companion Viral Challenge Checklist to go along with the challenge.
Complete with step-by-step directions. One of the keys to success with my program is tracking everything. Anyone can use this printable checklist to log activities and jot down a few notes. This will help them stay on track for the entire program and can end up being the blueprint for success to reference later.
Ready for more?
Just by following these easy step-by-step directions, it’s possible to discover...
A step-by-step program that generates high-quality leads on autopilot;

How to CRUSH lead generation goals instead of only chasing them;


How to optimize funnels to maximize the quality of the leadflow


How to clean up sloppy marketing and finally get the funnel on track


How to get the best results with little or no experience

Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

This Is “Must Have” Stuff for Any Business Owner or Marketer, Who...

  • Wants to grow their leads online, but have NO IDEA where to begin
  • Tries to figure out a way to generate more leads and have a higher quality leadflow
  • On the verge of launching their next lead gen campaign, and want to make sure it's a big success
If ANY Of These Goals Seem Worthwhile, Then I Invite You To Join The 'Viral Challenge' Today...

“Imagine How You’ll Feel Having A Viral Campaign Generating FREE Leads Knowing You Finally Did It... ”

I know that some people are probably thinking that maybe they don’t have the skills to do this. But I promise this Challenge was designed with small & medium business owners in mind.
I knew that this had to be accessible to regular non-techy people that didn’t have access to professional designers or massive advertising budgets.

Just follow the simple step by step instructions and the results will follow!

Now I know that anyone would expect to pay a lot of money for a unique training challenge like this. It’s not difficult to find dozens of “other” options that will charge hundreds of dollars or more for just a fraction of what I’m offering here. Yet most business people with busy schedules will forget buying these lead generation programs “off the shelf”. Doing that will cost them a small fortune in time and money.
When it comes down to it, it isn’t even about “dollars and cents”.

“It’s About Sustainability, Security, And Control Over The Lead-Gen Process And Overall Business Growth”

...And it’s almost impossible to put a price on that.
Here’s the truth:
While I certainly want to be paid for my hard work. I also want anyone who is committed to changing their business and improving their lead flow to be able to afford this.
So, I did a breakdown of the Viral Challenge value item by item.
Here it goes…

“How To Have My #1 Advantage In Online Business And Marketing”

  • Full 30 Days Of Video Training With Wilco
    $997 Value
  • Full 30 Days Of Coaching (LIVE Q&A’s With Wilco & The Team)
    $1997 Value
  • Access To A Private Community
    $97 Value
  • Viral Challenge Checklist PDF
    $97 Value
  • 15 Case Studies
    $147 Value
  • FREE 30 Days Access To My UpViral™ Software
    $79 Value

That’s a total value of over $2,000 for the ENTIRE challenge program PLUS the checklists to track results…

But, I just didn’t feel right charging over $2,000 for the information that is going to help so many businesses generate more leads, and be more productive, especially when times are so tight for everybody out there.
So, I thought about charging $697 for the whole challenge (it’s definitely worth that, because this system can actually save people at least that much on inferior lead generation products.)
But, even $297 seemed like too much...
So, for a limited time, you can get the Viral Challenge for just $97.

“Yes, I Realize That’s 95% OFF… But It’s
What I Feel Is Right

Just click the “join the challenge now” button below, and get instant access to the entire challenge immediately!
I’m pretty confident this is an amazing deal. Especially when I think about the cash I’ve wasted paying out the nose for those “other” marketing and lead programs over the years.
For just $97, this gives anyone who tries it the comfort of knowing their business and lead generation is on the right track. I want to make sure I get this into the hands of the right people at the lowest price possible.
I know there are a lot of business owners and marketers who just want to get started right now. If you’re ready to get started today click the “Join The Challenge Now” button below.
That’s why I’m offering “instant” online access, so you can get started right away… even if it’s 2am.
Now it’s really important to me to make this an incredibly easy decision for anyone… So click the button now and order today!

This is a 30-day challenge that starts on September 14th... Do YOU Accept the Challenge?

Join The Challenge Now!I want daily training, live coaching & accountability for a full 30 days
Having access to this challenge is like having me, Wilco de Kreij as a personal viral lead generation coach!
The only real difference is, there’s no way to get a one-hour coaching call with me for under $1,000.
Actually, the CHEAPEST way to hire me is close to $10,000 for just one day (assuming I have a day off).
So, to get a full thirty days with me, for only $97 is just simply insane!
You’re getting everything we covered above when you join the 'Viral Challenge' today!
So, are you excited yet? Well, then NOW is the time to take massive action!

“The Only Person You Can Trust To Take Care Of Your Business And Lead Generation Is You...

Now I want you to feel 100% confident about investing in the Viral Challenge…

There’s NO Catch...

I could easily sell this training for over $1997 but the real reason I’m doing this challenge is because…
I KNOW when you have success generating leads following this 30-Day Challenge, you're more likely to continue using UpViral to grow your business further...
That's it... My ultimate motive - I actually want you to be successful so you keep using my software, the one that’s giving you all that lead-gen success.
Just to be clear, this isn’t a course. It’s much MORE than that.
We’re doing this challenge as a group, which means we’re all implementing at the same time - allowing us to learn more and help each other across the finish line.
For me, personally, a group of peers is always where I get most of my value. That’s why I’m happy to pay $25,000 per year for a mastermind, even when the exact same information is in their $10 book.
It’s because of the community that makes sure I actually implement it.
So, why would I even do this then?
My philosophy is simple: If I can't help business owners get more leads and make more money, then I don't deserve any of theirs.
My goal is to help thousands of business owners generate more leads, which in turn will probably make them more money... which then hopefully they'll choose to continue using our software solutions to grow their business even more.
Sound fair?
Join The Challenge Now!I want daily training, live coaching & accountability for a full 30 days

Time Is Of The Essence…

My next “Viral Challenge” is starting SOON!
If this page is still active, that means the challenge is open to register, but it will be closing soon.
If you’re curious... you CAN’T just take the challenge next time...
I'm not sure when the next challenge will be or IF there will even be one...
NOW’s the best time to take the challenge.

“So, To Show Just How Serious I Am, I’m Offering A Full 30 Day Guarantee!

I’m so confident you’ll love The Viral Challenge that I’ll refund 100% of your investment if you don’t get any results in 30 days - it’s that simple!

If you follow the training and complete the checklists as instructed, and don’t see ANY results over the course of 4 weeks, just turn in your checklist and your receipt for a full refund!

I’m that confident because I KNOW this training works for those who follow through on every part of the challenge.
Start today and get ready for a complete lead-gen transformation in just 30 days!

“That’s An Incredible Value Worth Over $2,000! And It’s All Yours For Just $97 For A Limited-Time”

Yes, I realize this is 95% off but it’s what I really feel is right. And it’s backed by my famous 30-day money-back guarantee. Remember that’s a FULL 30 days to try it out and get results!
I don’t want to be too pushy, but I have to be transparent… this is only available for a limited time!
So even if you’re slightly interested…

"I Urge You To Act Now, Because This Offer Is Fully Backed By My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!"

I don’t want business owners and marketers (like me) to waste another minute worrying about leadflow or business growth.
Start a viral lead gen campaign, get quality leads, and have the best business possible and finally know what it’s like to be in control just by clicking the “Join The Challenge Now” button below.
So even if you’re slightly interested…

I can’t wait to hear from you after you join the Challenge, dig into it, and find out for yourself how great it feels to have your business and leadflow on track.
So I’ve got an honest question... what’s it going to be?
Are you going to walk away from this opportunity... or are you going to make TODAY the first day you start to turn your business around?
The way I see it, there are just 2 choices...
You can either go back to what you were doing before, hoping to make progress and trying new programs and courses every few months…
Or you can get started NOW and literally swipe the lead-gen techniques and strategies of me and my elite marketing team.
I’ve put everything together in an easy-to-use group members area PLUS you have checklists to keep track of your goals, progress, and business.

Here’s What To Do Now...

Now you just need to finalize all the details. Click the button below & create your account!
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter (it was a long one). I’m looking forward to hearing your success story when the challenge ends!

Wilco de Kreij

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

Joining the "Viral Challenge” today

(for only $97) will give you a full 30-day experience where we virtually work together to get your first (or next) viral lead-gen campaign up and launched!
And if for any reason you don't love this challenge - just let me know and I'll refund your $97 no questions asked.
Sounds fair? Then what are you waiting for? Join the challenge now...
Join The Challenge Now!I want daily training, live coaching & accountability for a full 30 days

Who Is Wilco de Kreij Anyways?

Wilco de Kreij is an established international entrepreneur, expert marketer, and software developer who successfully his own multi-million-dollar SaaS business in just a few short years.

His work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, etc... and now he runs some of the most successful Saas companies on the planet, working with famous celebrities & elite entrepreneurs and influencers that you likely follow.

Over the last few years, he’s helped over 20,000+ clients with their marketing. You probably know some of his clients, like Mike Filsaime, Ben Adkins, Russel Brunson, Nicholas Kusmich and many others...

Wilco has built and ran many successful marketing campaigns for multi-million-dollar companies and, in many cases, provided a 10X return on their investment or increased their total profit by up to 1000%.
Just one of his campaigns recently generated over $1.4 Million in revenue and earned him a Clickfunnels 2-comma club award.
For the first time ever, Wilco is pulling back the curtain and giving other business owners a behind-the-scenes look. All while teaching them the exact systems he uses for his own million-dollar viral campaigns and funnels usually reserved for his high-level clients!

“Let Me Answer Some Common Questions I Get About the Viral Challenge…”

  • I really want to try your system, how can I be sure I trust your guarantee?

    Now, I know how nerve-racking it can be to purchase anything online, especially with all the scams out there.

    I want to assure you that you don’t have to worry. The bottom line is that I want you to be thrilled with the challenge. I want you to recommend it to all your friends and keep using UpViral after the challenge… so it’s in my best interest to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

  • I’m new to all of this… will the challenge still work for me?

    Yes, I’ve specially designed this program to work with any and all marketing experience levels.

  • So, what is the total investment for this challenge?

    The investment is only $97 for EVERYTHING! That's It. You get all the training for a full 30 days, checklist, coaching, videos, and bonuses.

  • After the challenge do I still have access to the materials?

    Yes, you actually get LIFETIME access to everything. All the videos, training, documents, checklist, bonuses, etc...

  • What if I have more questions?

    Simple. You can just reach out to us at [email protected]

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